De Zwarte Hond Architecture & Urbanism operate under two trade names from three offices in the Netherlandsand abroad. De Zwarte Hond has offices in Rotterdam (NL), Groningen (NL) and Cologne (DE). Bonnema Architecten has an office in Groningen (NL). Secretarial functions, public relations, communication, general and technical support services, staff matters, finance and computerisation are centrally organised.


Various design and engineering teams work integrally on the design, elaboration and implementation of commissions. Each design team is headed by one of the associates. The offices and the teams have a high degree of autonomy. The teams either work together or the composition of the teams is adapted, depending on the nature of the commissions.  In addition to the design teams, an expertise team supports the design teams with architectural and urban research. The management team is responsible for the daily running of all the offices, while its members are also part of various design teams. The management team, together with the associates, form the Board of Management of De Zwarte Hond Architectuur & Stedenbouw.



We adopt an integral approach to every commission, in dialogue with our client. This means that, right from the outset, risks, budgets and planning are carefully managed. This ultimately benefits the quality and durability of the end result. Collaboration with all the participants and alliances with parties who have specific knowledge at their disposal, are a crucial prerequisite in this context. From our network we are capable of selecting suitable parties – with added value for a client, of facilitating a network, and functioning as a platform. We are currently designing and realising many projects in a form of DBFMO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate) in combination with various consultants, architectural firms and contractors. Taking advantage of the creativity and experience of market players leads to an optimum approach to life-cycle-thinking for commercial and social property.



Building Information Model (BIM)

The BIM platform supports the design teams with specialists in an efficient, effective and integrated working proces. We deploy BIM software as a form of support enabling all the parties involved to participate in the design and engineering process – from start to finish. We visualise and analyse a building with BIM. In our DBFMO projects, for example, by linking the calculation and costing software to the model we have constant, effective control of the planning and the costs at all times. Our clients have perfect insight into what the building will look like, both inside and out. And the technical and financial consequences of each design intervention or adaptation are immediately clear. The great advantage of everyone, quite literally, working within the same BIM model is that many of the failure costs are avoided at an early stage. The total process is speeded up and the standard of the final outcome is higher. Go to File Integrated Design and Construction for more information.



Despite these difficult times for spatial planning and the building sector we are able to maintain our acquisition and turnover levels and achieve a positive operating result. In the past two years our turnover was € 5.4 and € 5.2 million, respectively.  The anticipated turnover for this year is between € 5 and € 6 million. The commissions portfolio of De Zwarte Hond Architectuur & Stedenbouw comprises 65% architecture and interior design and 35% urban design and landscape architecture.


In combination with various chain partners we design and create at the moment many projects in a form of DBFMO.

To use of creativity and experience of companies leads to an optimal way of life-cycle thinking for commercial and social real estate.

To work comprehensive and to be effective and efficient BIM specialists are part of a design team.

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