Transformation - 26.05.2015

For many years, progress was synonymous with the construction of new and increasingly grander industrial and office buildings. In today’s knowledge economy however, with its creative industry using smaller and flexible accommodation, the need for new buildings is no longer taken for granted. Open, innovative breeding grounds and typical living environments with urban amenities on tap have now become the norm. Residential, professional, and recreational domains have become intertwined, and digitalisation is privatising the public domain, turning our private world into a public one. Buildings created in the (industrial) past can easily be adapted to a second life with new occupants. In the Netherlands we no longer need grand new buildings, we need smart and sustainable buildings. The urban environment needs to focus on revitalising old buildings rather than constructing new ones. This raises two questions. In many cases, buildings from the recent past were designed and constructed with a single specific user in mind. Modifying such a building to accommodate a more generic kind of user or groups of users, and updating it technically, require a great deal of effort and considerable means. The transformation is embarked upon to attract and bind new users and tenants without even knowing who they are. In addition, many buildings have not yet been written off financially, which limits the room for investment, so it takes every available ounce of creativity to give these buildings a new lease of life.


Years of experience in realisation processes involving both real estate and area development, combined with in-depth knowledge of Dutch building practices, makes De Zwarte Hond an expert partner for transformation projects. We are able not only to give a building that new lease of life in a structural sense, but also to develop, together with the client, a transformation strategy that enables a property to be viable in an economic sense. Our approach is based on a constant analysis of options and continuous feedback to the client of the possible effects on development, use, and operation.

GasTerra before

GasTerra after

Conversion Twentse Theater before

Conversion Twentse Theater after

Witte de Withstraat 50 before

Witte de Withstraat 50 after

Lanenflat before

Lanenflat after

Mediacentrale Helpman before

Mediacentrale Helpman after

Huis voor Cultuur en Bestuur before

Huis voor Cultuur en Bestuur after

Offices DNV GL before

Offices DNV GL after

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