Complex housing assignments

Designing homes is designing complex living environments

"A wide range of aspects such as living, working, accessibility, energy and urban design converge in complex housing assignments."

Jurjen van der Meer
Architect / Partner
Home life is expressed on the scale of the terraced house or the flat but, for us, it is simultaneously an assignment at a neighbourhood level or even city or village level: creating a healthy, effectively-functioning living environment. A wide range of aspects such as living, working, accessibility, energy and urban design converge here. With its multi-disciplinary company and long track record where urban housing assignments are concerned, De Zwarte Hond feels at home within this complexity.

When designing Agaathhof in the centre of Groningen, De Zwarte Hond sought for maximum diversity in a uniform structure. The result is a classic courtyard in form, composition, detailing and material application, which is entirely modern in terms of usage. Within this structure the layout is flexible and the floor plans of the homes are tailored to the specific living preferences of the occupants. Moreover, the courtyard complex leads in a natural way into the existing historic street pattern and the surrounding architecture. Via a wide staircase you step out of the existing city and enter the intimate space of the courtyard.
Agaathhof, Groningen
De Villa - Day-care centre with housing, Apeldoorn
In Minervahaven in Amsterdam the issue was how to create a future work-life balance in a high density area. This led to a new spatial framework focusing on the productive and creative sector, with a good quality of life. The parking ratio of 0.2 is low, streets are primarily places where people can meet.

In the German city of Bremen a new sustainable area has been created with approximately 500 apartments and ground-level-access housing. The ‘Neue Ellener Hof’ is a neighbourhood with housing predominately made of wood, designed on the concept of a slowly-developing village. Sometimes the housing is close together and sometimes far apart. On an urban design scale De Zwarte Hond solves the complex “puzzle” of integrating construction volumes, building heights and roof landscape principles with the very stringent regulatory provisions for the wooden construction and the sustainable insulating materials.
Neue Ellenor Hof, Bremen

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Willem Hein Schenk
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